Saturday, 18 February 2017

Indian jewellery and craft heritage

The Pachchikam jewellery or pachhi jewellery is traditional jewellery which was used very frequently in the ancient time. In this fascinating jewellery world there are a lot of designs of new stylish jewellery, still, this jewellery design have held its position and it is because of its unique designs. This handcrafted jewellery art which was only adorned by European royalty are fast replacing traditional gold jewellery and is a hit with youngsters. Pachchikam jewellery bangles, earrings, necklaces, armlets and many other jewellery pieces are available in our Jaipur based jewellery showroom named Antiquariat Jaipur

Resemblance to Kundan

Pachchikam jewellery sometimes compared with the Kundan jewellery of jewellery as both use elaborate stonework using single uncut diamonds known as polkis and other semi-precious stones. But if we closely inspect we can observe that Pachchikam jewellery appears to be cruder and is more fragile compared to Kundan jewellery. Also, usually in Pachchikam art silver is chosen as the base where while setting Kundan jewellery gold foil is used as the base material. It is believed that this craft style was developed by the artisans of Kutch centuries ago. But there are some which believe that this jewellery art was adorned by the European nobility, so there are misconceptions regarding its origin. But with these all misconception regarding its origin this jewellery art is still very famous in India so if you are planning to have a pair of it in your jewellery collection, Antiquariat Jaipur is the best option we suggest.

Materials used

Silver is used as the base material to design Pachchikam jewellery as it is highly malleable and lustrous. Also, this setting of the designs resemble by the various un-cut precious and semi-precious gemstones addition with glass work. The process to design Pachchikam jewellery is complex which is time-consuming and labour intensive. Firstly a silver encasing is made for setting this jewellery art. In this process, silver is melted and then pushed into the suitable moulds to provide the specific shape. Then the groove is added to it, and putting the gemstones in the pattern follows the final step of this jewellery art. This art appears to be heavy so usually adorned in a specific occasion where in this modern world the youth make it suitable for their western dresses also for daily wear and it really looks good. If you are planning to try some Pachchikam jewellery for any occasion, go ahead, give it a chance and buy some pair of it from Antiquariat Jaipur

Since each Pachchikam jewellery is handcrafted so it is difficult to recreate the same design over again. The artisans who have a working experience of this jewellery art and doing the same for so many years, they also stick with their same age-old pattern instead of experimenting with it. The setting of this jewellery art can not be mass produced which makes it more exclusives. With these points from making this art from past to present time states about of its exclusiveness so we may say that Pachchikam jewellery is for those who wish to look unique in the things they adorn. So if you are one of this kind explained here try this exclusive jeweler art from Antiquariat Jaipur which is the most trusted and one of the oldest jewellery shop in Jaipur.

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